Our Story


The first board game (ChriStory) was created prior to, but copyrighted in 1984 in honor of my father's death/life and things took off from there.  All the other educational and strategic board games, materials and books that followed, were based on that initial spark.  It was then and is still my vision to sell those God-given creations at a reasonable price, establish a foundation and invite, through random selection, game owners to compete in several competitions for lucrative scholarship funds.  This will occur in the not-too-distant future.

The company was started in 2012 with pension funds and a small business loan from the South Shore Savings Bank in the State of Massachusetts, and there is no turning back.  Not so much because of what we do, but based on what each patron will do for us today and in the future.   Our sincere appreciation to you in advance.  

Mission Statement:

To create and offer educational board games and other materials of value and relevance to the intellectual development of all people; foster socially face-to-face interaction/communication through the nature and use of our products; and provides economic opportunities for our patrons through our annual competitions.

Two Major Goals:  
  1. To contribute in significant ways to the development of a national and international environment of excitement and fun for learning through our products, and 
  2. To produce and offer intellectually challenging, yet fun-to-play products that will foster socially interactive environment for face-to-face communication and the minimization of the “clicking electronic isolation.”