• SciTechMatics


    Game Description: This is an educational, fun, and mentally challenging Science (Biology, Chemistry & Physics), Technology and Mental Math board game.

    All the information you need to play now and in the relatively near future is in the game. 

    Example: Questions/obligations on the front of the playing cards, answers on the back. The more often you play, the more you learn the information you need to play the game. 

    Game Contents: 

    1. 20”X 20” game board; 
    2. 200 playing cards; 
    3. Game description and mode of play document 
    4. Four (4) pawns and 
    5. One (1) die
    Ages: 10-Adult. Some children may need the help of an adult to explain some of the concepts

    *Gallery images feature example playing cards and box cover*